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Company History

Company History

You have heard a lot about 2girls n bucket cleaning services, and you are wondering how did this company emerge? Who establish it?

You want to know the circumstances that brought forth this cleaning services company?

You are worried, how old is the company and in what year was it established?

You are skeptical about what type of company is it, what is the background of the company? What leads to it's establishment?

Lastly you might like 2 girls n bucket because of what you have read or heard about our services but you are wondering, what it is the purpose of establishing this company?

All these and many more is the reason for this article.

Though you are interested in this house cleaning Services Company, but without the details of about our company, you might be a bit skeptical in dealing with us.

I guess this information is important to you, why? Because, you are reading this article at this moment.

You wouldn't want to deal with a company that has no background, a company you know nothing about.

A company that can vanish overnight, you will not want to give the key of your house to company that does not have background.

All right then...

You want your money to go to the right channel.

Lastly you want company that is transparent.

Our cleaning services is your choice but your fears are all these, then I suggest you read on.

So! What is the history of 2 girl's n bucket cleaning service in Tampa Florida?

This company was founded in the year 2012 by Peter suffrena in Tampa Florida region.

The idea came as a result of the success recorded by Peterson suffrena in his Pete's ultimate movers company in Florida.

Pete's ultimate movers deal with the movement of goods from one place to the other.

The company has really served a lot of people, both far and near. It was at the course of discharging the duty, that he realized how people are suffering from the traditional cleaning service that was prevalent at that time.

2 girls n bucket cleaning services was founded on the basis of giving the best service to people that are seriously in need of modern cleaning services, such as:

  • One time cleaning service
  • House cleaning services
  • Deep cleaning service
  • Apartment cleaning service
  • Bathroom cleaning service
  • Kitchen cleaning service
  • Green cleaning services
  • Tile cleaning services
  • Other services

Pete's ultimate movers have the record of giving customers 100% satisfaction, that has giving a lot of people the courage and trust with the establishment in Tampa Florida.

The company was established with the intension of satisfying the needy and to give quality value for every penny that you spend.

2 girl n buckets cleaning service was established to give quality and modern cleaning services to people far and near with the intention of giving them 100% satisfaction.

The record and the success of Pete's ultimate movers has really helped 2girls n bucket to gain popularity in the industry over its contemporaries.

2 girls n bucket house cleaning company has a lot of happy customers and the service have gotten, high rate of repeat and referral customers.

With these you can see that your fear are jumping out of the windows, you are in a safe hand when you deal with our house cleaning services in Tampa Florida region..

You can start dealing with us now by calling any of our office or obtain our form online.

You can start enjoying:

  • House that has a clean interior and environment
  • A bathroom that looks decent and neat
  • A kitchen that is well organized
  • Deep cleaning services that removes stains
  • A home to welcome any quest

You can act now and enjoy 100% customer satisfaction and this special offer is available for a limited time.

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