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Who We are

Who We are

Are you wondering who are the people behind 2girls n bucket Tampa Florida cleaning services? You have a lot of things you really want to know about us.

You want to know if we have the required experience to operate such a cleaning services in Florida. What kind of people we are for you to entrust the key of your house to us.

What kind of qualification are we operating with or any professional backing to back our ability.

Are we working under bond or insured to ascertain a kind of security?

These and many more shall be discussed in this article and it relief you of all your fear.

You are a bit skeptical, and you don't even if you can trust us, we will give you all the details information that you need, so you can make your final decision.

You will want to know how secure your home will be, when you employ our house cleaning service Tampa Florida.

Then the fear of scammer, and many other feeling that might be troubling you.

Yes! Who are we for our company?

We are set of committed members of workers that have a collective goal of satisfying our customer at any point in time.

We are just giving the privilege of being a member of this global establishment; we passed through some set of rudiments likes:

  • Passing through investigation
  • Completing instructional guide seminar
  • Complete knowledge about house cleansing experience

2girls n bucket janitorial service tampa establishment will always carry out some basic information before granting employment.

This is to ascertain the character and the moral ability of such applicant to be sure if needed in the company.

Having passed that stage, there is needed to complete an instructional guide for the development of knowledge in the cleaning service management...

We are all subjected to some professional courses to advance our training; we deals with a lot of chemicals, there are needed to have some Basic understanding of some of these chemicals.

If one has served in any cleaning company before applying 2girls n bucket residential cleaning service Tampa FI, it will be of added advantage.

After this stage then, we are made to sign a bond and we are insured to give higher level of productivity.

At 2girls n bucket cleaning services Tampa Florida, we have been specially trained to offer a quality services to give a 100% customer satisfaction.

We are making use of our acquired knowledge to put the smiles on the face of our customer when they see clean house interiors.

We offer 24 hours customer satisfaction guarantee.

If for any reason you are not satisfy with any of our services such as:

  • One time cleaning service
  • House cleaning services
  • Deep cleaning service
  • Apartment cleaning service
  • Bathroom cleaning service
  • Kitchen cleaning service
  • Green cleaning services
  • Tile cleaning services
  • Other services

You are free to call any of our local 2 girl's n bucket Tampa cleaning service office in Florida, all within 24 hours.

Our company is always ready to please any customer that has any complain.

You will be assigned some of our professionals to re-cleaning the area till you are 100% satisfy.

Customer satisfaction is our major priority.

Though we have some limitations and some of this limitation has to do with safety.

While discharging our duty, we can only stand on a two step ladder. And when will want to lift any items it must 35 pounds or lower, anything higher than that is not allowed.

We don't use cleaning product that contain bleach or ammonia.

But upon all these limitations we make sure your satisfaction is not affected. You will enjoy the service and will recommend us to your friends and relatives.

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