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Being green is about more than spokesperson, cleaning products and taglines. 2Girls makes life healthier, happier and cleaner. We are committed to the health of customers, environment and employees. We proudly announce that cleaning products we use are in best interest our environment and every individual whose life we touch. We are responsible to keep our environment clean. Our employees should have health, clean and rewarding career options. At the same our clients should live in clean and healthy homes.

Does your cleaning company

  • Geographically group clients to reduce fuel usage and driving time
  • Use reusable cleaning articles like bucket, bags and bottles etc.
  • Reduce paper wastage through email, or telephone communication
  • Use efficient washing machine to reduce contamination and water wastage.
  • Use reusable and washable micro fiber rags that capture dirt, allergens quickly instead of using disposable paper towels.
  • Train staff to use correct type and correct amount of cleaning product inside home and commercial areas
  • Maintain indoor quality air through CRI Green Label Certified Vacuums
  • Use safe and effective cleaning products by reliable companies.

At 2Girls house cleaning Tampa, all these factors are closely followed to assure green healthy environment around us. We make use of green cleaning products since they are less hazardous to you and the environment. Our housekeeping cleaners use fiber care to remove stains, spills and all spots. Sea grass, kilims, oriental rugs, dust ruffles, fabric headboards, table skirts, roman shades, draperies, car, yacht and dhurries can be treated. When cleaning moldy areas in your home, you should avoid breathing in mold spores so as to minimize your expose to the air bone mold.

You may wear N-95 respirator that can be bought from hardware stores and different companies. Some respirators resemble dust mask since they have nozzle on the front while others are made from rubber and plastic. They also have removable cartridges that help in trapping mode spores. The mask must fit properly so as to be effective. You should wear long gloves that can extend up to the middle of the forearm. Ordinary house hold rubbers should be worn when working with mild detergent or water. A biocide which includes strong cleaning solution or chlorine bleach should be used when using a disinfectant.

Gloves that are made from neoprene, natural rubber, nitrile, PVC and polyurethane should be selected. You should avoid getting mold spores in your eyes and you should wear goggles that do not have any ventilation holes. To confirm that the cleanup is finished, moldy odors should not be present, visible mold should be absent, there should be no signs of water damage, there should be no signs of growth of the mold and people should be able to occupy the area without health complaints.

2Girls Tampa Florida cleaning service does an intensive research, testing and analysis to choose best products for clients. At 2Girs, only safe and effective products are considered delivered by best companies. 2Girls believe in little spending to provide a lot more to their clients tailored to individual needs and budget.

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